Monastery Fruitcake Customer Alert
Do not contact Holy Cross Abby directly regarding an online order as they cannot help you. Place your order online for fastest service. If you need help placing an order, see Shopping Cart Instructions.

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Shipping & Taxes

Shipping Policies and Deadlines

We take great care to ensure that your gifts arrive fresh, delicious, and when you want them. We can ship your order promptly, or take an order now to ship at a later dateā€”for example, to arrive for a birthday, holiday, or other special event. We ship year round and use insulated packaging in the warmer months to assure that your order arrives safely. See below for details on Summer Shipping.

Delivery Day

We will make every attempt to meet your shipping requests; however we are unable to target your order to be delivered on a particular day. Once your order leaves our facility, it is in the hands of the shipping company and it's delivery date and time of day are out of our control. If you send us an order requesting a specific arrival date anyway, we assume no responsibility if the order does not arrive on the stated date.

We will always err on the side of your order arriving early rather than late. If you must have your order be presented on a particular day, consider shipping it to another address and arranging for it to be personally handed to the intended recipient.

Prevailing weather conditions not only in your location but ours and the places in-between materially affect when it is best to ship your order. By placing your order with us, you agree that the ultimate decision as to when to ship your package lies solely with us. In case of any doubt, we will err on the side of making sure your package arrives early rather than late. In case of bad weather, shipping times are extended and shipping companies will not honor guarantees for timely arrival. It is pointless to request that your order be delivered on a certain day or at a certain time of day as we have no control over the day or hour at which the carrier will deliver your order.

Christmas Season Extended Time in Transit

It is hard to comprehend the increased number of packages across the country that are shipped in the month of December for arrival by December 25th. We remind you that for orders that ship on or after December 4th, the time in transit is greatly extended by the sheer volume of packages being placed into the shipping channels. Packages can take twice as long or more to reach their destination once shipped. It is always to your advantage to schedule your shipping dates for no later than December 4.

Domestic Shipping Rates

We ship orders only to the 50 states and to APO/FPO addresses. Rates for shipping in the 50 United States are per address and based on the dollar volume of the order. During warm weather months from April to mid October, we ship in special insulated warm-weather packaging using an insulated carton with a reusable gel ice-pack. During those months, the rates below will reflect this additional cost. These rates apply for each address to which you want an order sent.

Shipping is calculated based on the dollar value of your order for each destination.
Price Breaks Ground
Up to $37.99 $10.95
$38.00 to $67.99 $12.95
$68.00 to $89.99 $15.95
$90.00 to $113.99 $17.95
$114.00 to $149.99 $21.95
Over $149.99 16%

APO and FPO Destinations

The domestic rates shown above generally apply to these addresses. We do not ship to international destinations other than APO/FPO addresses.

Shipping Methods

We will ship your order via UPS or USPS Priority mail services, depending on the distance, address provided, and season. We can ship to rural route numbers and P.O. boxes, but all destinations must be valid UPS or USPS addresses (which we verify using the UPS/USPS online databases).

To ensure that your order arrives fresh, we might wait until Monday to ship orders that arrive late in the week, to prevent them from sitting in a hot UPS/USPS warehouse over the weekend. We might also use insulated cases and ice packs to protect your order, based on the destination and current weather conditions.

Summer Shipping

During the warm weather months from April to mid-October and to destinations that are warm all year (e.g. Florida), we will use insulated cases and ice packs to assure that your order arrives safely. During this time period (and perhaps slightly before or after these dates, depending on weather conditions and your destination), we will ship your order only on a Monday, a Tuesday, or a Wednesday. In order to minimize transit time, orders received after Noon Eastern Time on a Tuesday may not be shipped until the following Monday, depending on destination and weather conditions. We do not guarantee a Monday delivery. We reserve the right to select the best shipping method and time for your order based on the prevailing weather conditions.

Shipping Monastery Truffles

When shipping Monastery Truffles in the warm weather, or to a warm destination, you must provide us with a ship-to address where someone will be available to accept the package at the time of delivery. A doorstep is not a safe place. We cannot be responsible for packages delivered on time to an address where no one is present to accept your order. If UPS or the USPS attempts a delivery on a Friday where there is no one present, they will try again on Monday, but the contents will be melted.

Shipments to business addresses are better than those to a residential address, but please make sure the post office delivers to the business. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot be responsible for melted chocolate if you supply us with the incorrect shipping address.

There are currently no sales taxes levied on shipments to West Virginia residents.