Monastery Fruitcake Shopping cart questions.

Do not hesitate to call us at 304-596-2024 or email us if you have any questions.

When you add an item to the cart, you will see a button on the popup cart page that says 'Enter Address.' Click that and you will be taken to the shipping address form. You won't see this button until you add at least 1 item to your cart.

Create a cart with items and a shipping address for each recipient. After selecting the cart items and entering the shipping address, click the 'Save Address' button. You will be taken to a page showing all the information in your cart. Click 'New Cart' to start on your next cart.

To edit your current cart, click the link in the upper right of the header that says 'Current Cart.' If you have more than 1 cart, clicking the 'Edit Carts' link will show you all of your carts.

You may have a separate gift message for each shipping address. The Gift Message is entered on the same page as the shipping address. Click the cart information link in the top right of the header to edit your current cart, then click 'Edit Address.' The gift message blank is at the bottom of the shipping address page.

Click the checkout button. This appears at the very top of the header, on the cart popup page, on the form where you enter a shipping address, and on the edit carts page. You won't see this button until you have at least 1 cart completed.

On the page where you enter the shipping address, place a check in the box right above the address form and enter your address on that form. This address will be used as the billing address on the checkout form.

In the upper right of the brown header bar, the 'Edit Carts' link will appear when you have successfully completed 1 cart.

We send one order confirmation email to the email address you entered with your billing address and one email to you with tracking informaiton for each shipping address on your order. If you haven't received any emails from us after a successful order, check your spam box. Please add orders@monasteryfruitcake.org to your address book.. If you're using a major email provider suchs as gmail, yahoo, or outlook, these companies may block legitimate emails without notice to you.

This may be a conflict between how the site is built and the device you are using to view the pages. Please do not hesitate to Email Us, or call us at 304-596-2024. Please let us know which device you are using.

If you're using a tablet and getting stuck on a page and just seeing 'Please Wait' when you click a link, try reloading the page. If that doesn't work and you are using an Android system (not an iPad), try requesting a desktop version of the site. Newer Android browsers have a setting on the main menu called 'Request Desktop Site.' Hit the icon of the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of your browser screen (scroll to the top if you can't see this) and place a check in the box by this setting. This won't apply if you are using an iPad.

  • Now you review your order and checkout all on one page!
  • You can send different items to multiple recipients and pay for it all on one order. You do this by creating a cart for each person complete with one or more items and a shipping address. Once you have completed 1 cart, a link will appear in the top right of the header called 'Edit Carts.' You can switch between your carts and edit any aspect of them from this page.
  • No matter how many carts you have on your order, you enter the shipping address BEFORE checking out.
  • To send an order to yourself, use your own address on the shipping address page and place a check in the box right above where you enter your name. That address will be filled out for you on the check out page
  • You may sign up for a customer account. This is OPTIONAL. Having an account allows you to save your shipping addresses so you can use them on future orders and it speeds up the check out process by filling out your name and address on the check out page.
  • The site has been designed to display on devices ranging from desktop computers to smart phones using the latest design features.